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Life Insurance

Life insurance provides money to help pay medical expenses, funeral costs and living expenses in case of sudden death. There are different types of life insurance available to meet the specific needs of individuals; at Family First Financial we offer Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance to our customers.

The Whole Life Insurance offered by Family First Financial is a permanent life insurance. Like all permanent life insurance policies, the Family First Financial Whole Life Insurance provides lifelong coverage and includes an investment component known as the policy’s cash value. The cash value grows slowly, tax-deferred, meaning insurance holder do not pay taxes on the gains while they are accumulating. The Family First Whole Life Insurance is the most uncomplicated type of permanent life insurance, offering various features like:

  • Coverage for person’s entire life
  • Premiums never increase during ownership of the policy
  • Builds cash and loan value
  • Guaranteed rate of return

Term Life Insurance

The Family First Financial Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a specific period, ranging from one to 30 years and the cost of it is based mainly on the insured person's health and age at the beginning of the term. The policy is designed to protect the person’s dependents in case of premature death. If a person dies within the term, their beneficiaries will receive the payout. Other benefits of the Family First Financial Term Life Insurance include:

  • Coverage for a limited time period
  • After the insurance period, policyholders typically pay increased premiums to continue coverage
  • Less expensive than whole life insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance is used to fill any coverage holes left by a basic health insurance plan. Family First Financial offers several different types of supplemental insurance plans, targeted to specific health issues. They complement any insurance policies people may already have in place and pay in addition to any other existing coverage. No “primary/secondary” rules applied: people will get the benefits they signed up for.

Family First Financial Accident Protection Policy is designed to provide a lump sum benefit should the unthinkable happen, and those insured under it suffer a severe accident. The covers are designed to help meet people’s existing financial commitments, as well as help with other additional expenses individuals might incur if they were to sustain an accidental bodily injury resulting in a fracture, burn, permanent disability or that meant they had to spend time in the hospital.
The Family First Financial Cancer Protection Plan offers a comprehensive cancer insurance plan, covering all stages of cancer. The policy helps people to manage the high costs of medical treatment if diagnosed with cancer. We have specially designed it to provide adequate financial support for the treatment at every stage of the disease through Stage-based Benefit Payments.
The Family First Financial Critical Illness Insurance covers serious illnesses listed within the plan. If a policyholder gets one of these diseases, the critical illness insurance offered by Family First Financial will pay out a tax-free, one-off payment. This can help to pay for mortgage, rent, debts, or alterations at home, such as wheelchair access, should one need it. All conditions are not covered, but the policy will state how severe the condition must be.
The Family First Financial Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides payment for each day spent in the hospital, and for other qualified expenses. The money can be used for hospital bills or those additional costs that come up while recovering. Hospital stays can strain even the healthiest of budgets and often the need for care cannot be ignored even despite the lack of funds. However, with Family First Financial Hospital Indemnity Insurance insufficient funds or getting treatment is not an issue anymore; our policyholders can solemnly concentrate on recovery instead.

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